El Paso International Airport

6701 Convair Road
El Paso TX 79925
24 Hour Switchboard:
(915) 780-4749
The Switchboard will assist you with Lost & Found, Paging, Airport Operations, Airport Police, and Skycap Assistance.

El Paso International Airport (ELP) is the gateway to West Texas, Southern New Mexico and Northern Mexico. It provides airline passenger services, air cargo, and general aviation services.

The Airport is favored with abundant land (nearly 7,100 acres) and beautiful flying weather.

The Airport is located 6 miles east of downtown El Paso and 1.7 miles north of Interstate 10 Exit 25 (Airway Blvd).

El Paso Flight Information

Arrivals - click here Departures - click here

For any questions regarding flight data and schedules, please contact your respective airline. Their numbers are listed on the Airlines Page

The information on the ARRIVALS and DEPARTURES screens comes from real-time data. The displays are updated every few minutes.

Flight data that you see here covers a four-hour period: 2 hours before the current time and 2 hours after the current time. This allows you to see both past and future flight information.

Terminal - WiFi Internet

El Paso International Airport has two WiFi providers. Each establishes the rates and terms of use for their services.

For customers that don't have a Wireless device, Travelex Business Center , located next to the Information Booth in the main lobby, has WiFi stations for your use. Consult with them for rates.

For customers with their own laptop computer or wireless device, Boingo provides WiFi service in virtually all public areas.

• On the lower level, this includes Ticketing, Baggage Claim, and restaurants and shops.
• On the upper level, all gates, restaurants and shops have access.

For more information, contact Boingo at their web site, .

Car Rentals

Advantage rent a car












Ground Transportation - Taxis

Taxis are licensed by the City and metered. Taxi staging areas are located directly outside of the baggage claim area and are available 24 hours a day.

Taxi Cab Companies With Airport Permits:

Border Cab Co.

915 533-4245

Sun City Cab Co.


United Independent Cab Co .


Set Fares Are As Follows:

  • $42 per carload
    From El Paso International Airport to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico (excluding colonias, Juarez Bus Terminal and Juarez Airport)
  • $48 per carload
    From El Paso International Airport to Juarez Bus Terminal
  • $60 per carload
    From El Paso International Airport to Juarez Airport
  • $10 per carload or the fare shown on the taximeter
    To zones within the city limits, the fare shall be $10 per carload or the fare shown on the taximeter, whichever is higher.

Ground Transportation - Shuttles

Commercial shuttles

Commercial shuttles are available on a pre-arranged basis. Shuttles permitted to operate at the airport:

Alamo Shuttle Service LLC. 800-872-2701
American Shuttle 888-831-1321
Amigo Shuttle 915-355-1739
Chuma's Tours 915-859-2455
Juarez/El Paso Shuttle Service 915-740-4400
L & M Limo Service 800-786-0518
Las Cruces Shuttle 800-288-1784
Paisanos Transportation 915-346-2655
Silver Stage Lines 800-522-0162

Courtesy Shuttles

Courtesy Shuttles are available between Long Term Parking and the terminal at no charge. Shuttles run 24x7.


Parking Overview

  • Short Term parking and Long Term parking are designated by overhead signs on Airport property.
  • Free shuttle busses transport passengers to and from the Terminal.
  • Numbered, color-coded signs in each parking area help you locate your car when you return.
  • Parking for people with disabilities is available near the Airport terminal and Airport Shuttle Bus stop in Short Term and Long Term parking areas.

Parking Lot Map

Airport Parking Rates

Short Term Parking (1,242 spaces)

0-30 min. No Charge
31 min - 1 hr. $1.50
Each additional hour $1.00
Max. each 24 hrs. $10.00
Lost Ticket (per day) $10.00

Long Term Parking (2,276 spaces)
Long Term Parking North Lot (2,200 spaces)

0-30 min. No Charge
31 min - 1 hr. $1.00
Each additional hour $.50
Max. each 24 hrs. $5.00
Lost Ticket (per day) $5.00
No weekly rate
Maximum daily rates apply to lost tickets

Total number of parking spaces: 5,738

Holiday Parking

Due to increased traffic during Thanksgiving and Christmas, additional parking areas will be designated to accommodate travelers.

If the Long Term Parking lot is full, customers will be directed to alternative parking areas.

Parking lot attendants will provide additional information.

Shuttle Service

The Airport provides free shuttle bus service to and from the Long Term Parking Lot to the terminal.

Shuttle Bus stops are conveniently located throughout the Long Term Parking Area.

Airport History

In September 2008, the El Paso International Airport celebrated its 80th anniversary. Transportation has been a consistent and important thread woven throughout El Paso's rich history. From the Camino Real (Royal Road) which connected Mexico City and Santa Fe, to the Butterfield Trail, a major stagecoach passage from St. Louis to San Francisco, El Paso has always been a major transportation center.

Mayor Thomason proved to be
a gifted prophet.

The creation of the Airport was encouraged by Charles A. Lindbergh on September 24, 1927 while visiting El Paso. In the wake of Lindbergh's visit, the El Paso Aero Club began drawing up plans for a municipal airport. A year later on September 8, 1928 at 1:30 pm, 10,000 El Pasoans turned out for the dedication ceremony of their first Municipal Airport. At the end of the ceremony, Mayor Thomason said: "Today, we drive another stake in the progress of El Paso. This city today becomes one of the country's future air centers."

During its eighty years of operation, El Paso International Airport has always been at the forefront of the latest aviation technology. In 1968, El Paso was the first in the nation to have a 130 foot air traffic control tower. Once again in 2000, El Paso was the first Air Traffic Control Tower in the nation to operate with STARS radar system, a system that upgrades the air traffic control system and enhances the safety of the flying public.

El Paso International Airport has been fortunate to be linked to an impressive past by maintaining a portion of the Butterfield Trail on its property, but El Paso is also on the cutting edge of the future by serving as the home of NASA's Training Center for Shuttle Astronauts. Practice landings on simulated shuttle aircraft are performed on a daily basis by astronauts preparing to venture out into space.


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